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Denise Bogart PhD

Director, Human Resources

Denise is responsible for the overall administration of the Office of IFAS Human Resources. She consults with administrators regarding all human resource matters involving faculty such as tenure, promotion, and permanent status; recruitment and hiring; policy development; investigation of performance issues and disciplinary actions; and Federal and State retirement education and counseling. She serves as the IFAS liaison with the UF Provost’s Office, University General Counsel, and the Vice President, UF Human Resource Services. Denise also serves as the IFAS civil rights officer. 

Susan H. Hudson

Associate Director, Human Resources

Susan is responsible for the all personnel actions (new hires, annual contracts, resignations, retirements, etc.) for faculty, staff (TEAMS and USPS), temporary employees (OPS), and graduate students.  She handles tenure, permanent status, and promotion actions and related policies and processes for faculty.  She reviews and processes staff position descriptions, and reviews, updates, and disseminates operational policies and procedures.  Susan serves as liaison with academic affairs, the graduate school, and the UF Office of Human Resource Services. She maintains the electronic personnel database for UF/IFAS and the IFAS electronic directory.

Leticia V. Forster

Manager, Employee Relations - Office of Human Resource Services - IFAS Satellite Office

Leticia is responsible for coordination of disciplinary actions for IFAS staff (USPS and TEAMS) employees, counsels supervisors regarding employee performance or conduct issues, and assists with related correspondence. She interprets UF policies and regulations relative to standards for performance.  Leticia investigates disciplinary situations involving staff, and counsels employees who have received discipline regarding their rights of appeal or grievance.  She also assists employees and supervisors with collective bargaining issues and grievances.

Harriett Y. Davis

Human Resources Specialist II

Harriett handles the processing of all personnel actions for faculty, staff (TEAMS and USPS), and temporary (OPS) appointments.  She processes all graduate student appointments, and reviews and processes all post-doctoral appointments.  Harriett handles and resolves payroll problems.

David L. Hermelbracht
OPS Non Secretary/Clerk - Human Resources

David is responsible for retirement counseling and handles all federal faculty benefits, which include federal health insurance, federal life insurance, and federal retirement.  He serves as the liaison with the federal workers’ compensation office and with the USDA Office of Personnel Management.  David audits and certifies sick leave records for all faculty who resign or retire and processes these payments.

Kathy J. Higgs

Employee Relations Specialist I - Office of Human Resource Services - IFAS Satellite Office

Kathy is responsible for all benefits enrollment for state (non-federal) faculty and staff (TEAMS and USPS), including changes to existing coverage’s related to beneficiaries and dependents.  Kathy serves as the main resource person for IFAS employees for all UF fringe benefit programs.  Additionally, Kathy assists the Employee Relations Manager with employee relations issues related to UF staff (TEAMS, USPS, OPS) and coordinates the probationary follow-up program for IFAS staff.

Dana L. LeCuyer

Human Resources Specialist II

Dana assists with faculty recruitment and provides leadership and assistance to search and screening committees for state and county extension positions.  Oversees all county extension job positions and works closely with applicants to ensure they meet all requirements.  Dana is also responsible for advertising positions and maintaining Web Sites, and serves as a member of the office support team.

Dana assists the office by serving as the backup to the office receptionist.  Answer phones, greet visitors, files, copy, scan, delivery and pickup on campus. 

Marie Thomas

Administrative Support Assistant III

Marie provides secretarial and administrative support to the director; coordinates internal and external contacts and communications for the director; arranges meetings, conferences, and interviews; and serves as the contact for the IFAS Human Resources Web Site.  She is responsible for printing and distributing the printed version of the IFAS Directory.  She also manages unit requests for retirement plaques for faculty and staff. Marie is responsible for the coordination of numerous human resource committee activities.