Our orientation page contains valuable information for faculty new to IFAS:

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2013 IFAS New Faculty Orientation

The 2013 IFAS New Faculty Orientation was held on April 30, May 1 and 2, 2013.

Presentation - "IFAS Support Functions"
Dr. Joseph Joyce, Executive Associate Vice President, UF/IFAS

Presentation - "CALS Overview"
Dr. Teresa C. Balser, Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Presentation - "Florida Extension"
Dr. Nick Place, Dean for Extension

Presentations - "The Florida Agricultural Experiment Station"
Presentation - 2010 Research Overview
Presentation - 2011 Research Report
Presentation - 2012 UF/IFAS Research Report – Interdisciplinary Research
Presentation - 2013 UF/IFAS Research Plant Breeding Programs  
Dr. John P. Hayes, Dean for Research

Presentation – “UF/IFAS Communications”
Dr. Ruth H Borger, Assistant Vice President

Disclosure of Outside Activities and Financial Interest Case Studies Q&A